Meet Nuchhi

Nuchhi is a proven leader with a successful record in business and public service. She has a passion for promoting the greater good.

Nuchhi has international business experience, a history of public service, and a passion for promoting the greater good. She has dedicated her life to advocating for women, children, and other marginalized communities.

Nuchhi is the President of the Woman’s National Democratic Club, a position to which she has been re-elected six times. She has a consistent record of bringing people together around important initiatives and has worked to restore the organization, one of the nation’s oldest institutions for Democratic women, to its former prominence as a force for progressive action.

When elected to serve in the Maryland House of Delegates, Nuchhi will bring decades of professional experience and a solid record of communicating and negotiating with a wide range of stakeholders. She began her career as a copywriter at an advertising agency. Her love for writing and selling led her to marketing. She’s worked both in the United States and abroad as a senior executive at two international airlines.

She later returned to school to receive her master’s degree in international affairs and business from Columbia University. She’s written across a broad range of domestic and international policies for the United Nations.

Nuchhi has spent her life seeking opportunities to push boundaries and fight for greater equality and inclusion. After the presidential election in 2016, she realized the need for experienced, representative citizens to step up and run for office. She believes her balance of passion and pragmatism will be a valuable asset as a delegate in Maryland.

While Nuchhi devotes most of her time to Democratic causes and the Woman’s National Democratic Club, she spends free time studying theater and performing in local plays. She also enjoys her book club and playing Bridge with her friends. She cherishes her time with her family. She loves taking trips with her sons, daughter-in-law, and two grandsons, and a yearly visit to her 91-year-old mother in Pakistan.



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