Why I’m Running

In order to solve the problems we face – as a district, as a county, as a state, as a nation – we need to stand up and fight for the things we believe in.

Our democracy is threatened whenever we take it for granted

- President Obama, January 10, 2017

I am running for Delegate of Maryland’s 16 District to bring strong leadership, innovative ideas, and sound solutions on issues that matter to women, children, and businesses.

I am serving my 6th elected term as president of the Woman’s National Democratic Club, which was founded in 1922, two years after women had won the right to vote in our country. Its founding was a statement – it was a message to the nation that the suffragists, activists, and leaders of the movement were now a powerful force in American politics – and they were here to stay.

However, as we know, the greatest threat to progress is complacency. Several years ago when I became president, the Woman’s National Democratic Club was at a crossroads. The institution that had been home to some of the most influential women in American history was in danger.

But I am a woman of action. I bring people together, I make tough decisions, and I capitalize on opportunities. My career in international marketing and negotiations has given me an action-oriented vision of how to get things done. My colleagues and I worked hard to refresh and reinvent the Woman’s National Democratic Club. I am proud to say that today the organization generates $2 million a year and has become a hub of resistance to Trump and his dangerous agenda.

I am also a progressive. I value the ideals of equality and fairness, and I have always believed that in the land of opportunity, every man, woman and child deserves just that. Being an immigrant who chose to make America my home, I trust in the promise that our diversity is what makes our country strong. I will always fight to ensure Maryland is welcoming to all, to protect our democracy, and to practice the values we all share.

I am a mother, a grandmother, and a teacher. Raising two boys of my own, working with students from diverse backgrounds, and contributing to a project at UNICEF has given me a perspective on children’s equity and investment you’ll likely not find in any other candidate. Send me to Annapolis and I will work tirelessly to invest in our children and to protect our communities from violence and other threats.

And finally, I am woman. I have experience building strong coalitions and know how to lead. I’ve lived in many places around the world, experienced many cultures, and know firsthand the barriers women face – in work, in school, and in life. The 2016 election has awoken a new movement across the country. I am running for office because women need to be more represented at every level of government to make our voices heard.

Like the Woman’s National Democratic Club, Maryland has been at the forefront of ensuring a more just and prosperous future for its citizens. But in these uncertain times, we cannot rest and we cannot become complacent. In order to solve the problems we face – as a district, as a county, as a state, as a nation – we need to stand up and fight for the things we believe in.


Meet Nuchhi

Nuchhi's 6 Point Plan

Increased Business Opportunities

As Delegate, Nuchhi will work to ensure the success of our businesses, so that every citizen, from CEO’s to hourly wage-earners, can share in our prosperity.

Invest in Our

For Nuchhi, supporting teachers and school systems to raise achievement levels, and invest in programs that support technology, scientific research, and the arts

Safeguard our Democracy

Nuchhi will take action to ensure that our elections and democratic institutions are not threatened by foreign influence.

Fight for

Nuchhi believes that we must keep Maryland at the forefront of the fight for equality in our nation.

Protect Our Communities

As Delegate, Nuchhi will devote time and effort to the growing number of threats that need immediate attention.

Stand up to Trump's Agenda

Nuchhi will fight to ensure Maryland continues to stand up to the divisive policies of the Trump administration